Nature In Action

While driving down a side street in our small town, I stumbled upon this fawn family. I was so excited they didn’t move when I stopped to take their picture, my hands shook, just a little.

Green salad or mother’s milk? One of each please.



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Dave Update

For those of you who know Dave from the Blog of Funny Names and were wondering where he went.

The Blog of Funny Names

Greetings Fellow Funny Names Fans!

In 2013 Dave asked me to join his group blog, the Blog of Funny Names. He was finishing up his undergraduate degree at the time aiming toward Med School, teaching others how to prepare for the MCAT, and running our fun little blog.

Because of his special medical knowledge and his outstanding sense of humor, he helped resolve a burning, thirty-plus-year-old question—what is the name for the artificial fart under the arm? I’m sure you were wondering too. Right?

We arrived at the Palm-Axilla Fricative, P.A.F. for short because it sounds like the the noise it makes. Who knew? Clearly, it will be listed in an obscure medical journal printed on a napkin in a diner near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Now he’s in his third year of med school studying to become a neurologist, and is battling a brain tumor—the very thing he is studying to…

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Roses and Sky

I’m off this week to a writer’s conference. Have a wonderful weekend.

Summertime inspiration.

Keep on writing.



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A Kodiak’s Sorrow

A Kodiak bear residing in Sequim, Washington.

I looked into his eyes—sorrow.

Seventy-one degrees Fahrenheit cooked the Kodiak’s fur designed for surviving cruel Alaskan winters. An open sunny field with an electric fence blocking any escape into the shade.

Learned helplessness.

Three feet separated us, but his sorrow bridged the gap.



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Fate or Magic.

The air crisp. The sun rising. A tinge of rotten eggs carried on the breeze. Buffalo wandered the woods, valleys, hills and plains of Yellowstone. Lone black bears grazed the grassy knolls. Herds of Elk walked through the wooded banks of the Yellowstone River. We crossed the continental divide through snow capped trees.

Through the south side of the park a sign for Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming.

New adventure. A crystalline blue sky spotted with wispy clouds crowned the Tetons.

After the Tetons we headed into Jackson. The sun riding off into the west for the evening.

Exhaustion or Fate or Magic. We wanted food and shelter.

A small resort on the outskirts of Jackson Hole. The Rustic Inn. Dozens of trailers disguised as cabins. The lawn manicured. The stone paths glistened. A stream meandered through the property. Images of thick terry cloth robes and slippers filled our heads.

We stopped for the night.

When we rose in the morning we discovered four antler arches in the town square wrapped in white Christmas lights. Below the arch a park bench made from wagon wheels and rustic cuts of wood.

Whether Fate or magic, we found the perfect symbol for our trip.

The symbol of modern western adventure.




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If Cinderella Needed a Ball Gown for the Holidays. Forget the Pumpkin, Go Cedar

Buried deep within the Festival of Trees in Tacoma, Washington, a gown to go with Cinderella’s glass slippers for the Holiday Ball.

Will my Prince notice me in this dress? Screw the shoes, I’m using the glass slippers for book ends.

This elegant re-imagination of a Christmas tree sent my imagination down a dark back road to Oz.

Cinderella could unplug the lights and hide from her evil stepmother in the woods.

What would I do with it?

Make it into my own designer DIY Christmas tree. The top doubles as a tree skirt. Who in my neighborhood is going to have gold-painted, peacock feathers? It already comes pre-lit.

Versatile, yet classic, the rest of the year it stays on the dressing dummy in the living room, add a few drops of pine or cedar scented oil and voila it’s designer pot pourri.

Thus answering the question, “I can only wear it once, and Nordstrom’s won’t take it back, what do I do?”

To go with our mixed message of winter and summer, how about a little snippet of steel drum action from Seattle, playing Sleigh Ride in front of Nordstrom. Take it away gentlemen.









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Fannie’s Favorite Town Names in Washington State

Traveling in Washington State this year. Here’s a list of places you may have never heard of.

The Blog of Funny Names

When our beloved correspondent, Mailman, published her debut post: “Lancaster County, Keeping it Real since 1710”, a seed was planted in my brain. Not because it was the day we had the most hits on this site, for which the credit goes to founding correspondent, Dave, with his post published the night before, “Olympics 2012: Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh and His Heavyweight Name.”

It only took five years for the seed to germinate. What kind of strange and wonderful names are in my home state of Washington. We don’t have any towns named “Bird-In-Hand” or “Intercourse” or “Blue Balls”, but what wonderful jewels might exist (pun fully intended).

To avoid melting in the heat this past Sunday, I dug into my map collection perusing the cities index. The center fold may or may not have caused my readers to fog.

Tacoma Narrows Bridges from Gig Harbor, Washington.


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