Louis Lasagna

Did you know that the Doctor’s Hippocratic Oath was replaced by the Lasagne Oath? Meet Louis Lasagne at the Blog of Funny Names.

The Blog of Funny Names

We here at the BoFN love alliteration and names so delicious we can sink our teeth into them. We also know that schoolyard kids can be cruel, and that a funny name can cause a person to develop a special set of skills at an early age. Which is why we have the Nominative Determinism Theory of funny names. “. . . people with awesome names end up accomplishing awesome things!”

So let’s dive into today’s subject, fabulously named Louis Lasagna, known as Lou to his friends. You may not be familiar with Dr. Lasagna, but he is responsible for a number of advances in the way we look at medicine today.

Photo courtesy of the Lasagna Family.

Lasagna was born in Queens, New York, in 1923 and raised in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was destined for great things. His resume reads like a who’s who of prestigious universities…

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Christmas Comes Early for Paranormal Romance Fan

Let’s just agree that I have some of the most fantastic friends in the world. Earlier this year I spent a lot of time in the hospital with various family members—surgeries, cancer treatments, heart valve replacements. It’s been a rough year.

A colleague of mine recommended I read one of Darynda Jones’s paranormal romance books from the Charley Davidson series during the many hours at the hospital.  I cracked the first book open and entered the world of a female P.I. who is also the grim reaper and falls in love with the son of the Devil. Nothing bad could happen there. I know it’s not appropriate to laugh out loud in hospital waiting rooms, but I couldn’t help myself. I consumed the first six books in three weeks at the hospital.

Darynda spoke at the Romance Writer’s of America conference in Seattle in October promoting her 12th book, “The Trouble with the Twelfth Grave” and one of my good friends attended the conference. Since I haven’t been able to shut up about the books since I started reading them, I asked her to get a selfie with the author if she could. Even if it was the over the shoulder with the author a speck in the background.

My friend went one step farther and told Darynda I was a huge fan. No lie there.

Just ignore the hyperventilating behind the photo. Where did I put my brown paper bag?

If you decide to self-medicate with one of her books, be warned you might end-up mainlining. They are addicting, the stay up all night when you have an important meeting the next morning type of addicting . . . and fast reads.

Hope your holiday season is as joyous.





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Bundt Cake

For those of you swinging into the holiday season, I’d like to share this thought with you from crime thriller novelist, Lisa Gardner, The Writer’s Blessing:

May you always remember the thrill of being swept away by a really good book.
May the words you’re typing on the page be as worthy as the words running through your mind.
May your deadline be behind you.
May a good story lie ahead of you.
And as we go forth
May you always enjoy the journey to finding those two perfect words:
The End.

Enjoy your journey.

If you’re hungry, I made a bourbon chocolate cake, help yourself. 😉

There’s no such thing as too much virtual bundt cake among friends.


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Snow Drops

Snowdrops on branches, flakes fall from the sky. The first heavy snow fall of the season.

November snow storm.

I’ll be away from the web this week celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.

To those of you celebrating in the United States, happy Thanksgiving. To the rest of you around this lovely planet, enjoy a wonderful week.






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Eagles Soaring

On an early Sunday morning drive in Steilacoom, Washington, we spotted a group of bald eagles flying above our car. My Smart phone is too old to do them justice. I captured two of the eight birds that circled above our car.

Sunday drivers in the sky.

You never know what you’ll see when you look up.



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Fall Ablaze

We wait for it every year. The lone maple tree among the fir, cedar, and hemlock. Every cloudless sunrise lights the tree on days like this one captured by my better half.

Sunrise sets the leaves on fire.

The first big storm of fall stripped it bare.  Curled brown leaves cover the ground. A few leaves dangle from the lowest branches, reminders of its glory passing. Until next year when Fall is ablaze.





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Siblings: Season and Whip

Season and Whip over at the BoFN. This month’s contribution.

The Blog of Funny Names

For some reason talented people with amusing names are drawn to Hollywood. Take Volodymyr Palahniuk who became Jack Palance and his portrayal of villains or Ethyl Merman who belted it out on Broadway and landed a fair few movie rolls along the way. But seldom do we meet a sister and brother whose stage names made me think of Fall and cool whip on apple pie. But I digress.

Season and Whip Hubley, two of the three Hubley children to change their names and head off to Hollywood.

Originally named Susan, Season, the older of the two Hubleys, was Kurt Russell’s first wife. They met on the set of the made for TV movie “Elvis”. Season played Priscilla Presley and Kurt the titular role.

They also had a small scene together in John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York”, where Season played the “Chock Full O’Nuts Girl”.

Together they had a…

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