Ghost Yachts

A lone seagull lands on a jib crane. The water quietly laps the shore. The salty smell of dried kelp hangs in the air. Mix a little early morning fog with sunrise and twin ghost yachts appear crossing the harbor from points unseen.

Until next week.



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The Perfect Box

What is it about cats and boxes? I cannot open a box without finding one of my feline friends ready to inspect its contents.

When cat and box merge . . . .

Apparently this box was deemed suitable for a nap.

Until next week.



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A Side Effect of Congested Traffic

It was my turn to drive to Seattle. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) posted notices everywhere the interstate would narrow from four lanes down to two.  Thinking I was clever, I left a full hour earlier than normal . . . so did everyone else.

While I was contemplating the stopped traffic in front of me, I noticed the new dent in my commute. Since I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon I documented it for posterity.

Don’t let life’s dents get you down. (No barricades were harmed during the taking of this photo.)

I’m sure when it happened it ruined the day for the drivers involved and the 70,000 people behind them. Ouch.

Have a safe weekend everyone!




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Lighthouse at Sunrise

A few days before spring arrived we enjoyed the calm before the storm. Fog rolled across our corner of the world with a freezing temperature (32ºF/0ºC). The sun rose to warm us. The air still and quiet except for the water lapping against the shore.

The fog thinned to reveal this lighthouse at the mouth of Gig Harbor, Washington, U.S.A.

Morning marine layer rolling back the blanket of early morning.

Until next week.



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Polixeni Papapetrou

It’s all Greek today. This month’s contribution to the Blog of Funny Names.

The Blog of Funny Names

Hello Funny Names Fans! For those of you who love the land down under, we are celebrating famed Australian photographer, Polixeni Papapetrou. Her name is pronounced poh-leek-SEE-nee  pah-pah-PET-roo. I have been unable to verify if her father had a pet kangaroo.

Sorry folks, there were no public domain photos available, but you can check our her collection at her website, which includes a self portrait (hint, she’s the first photo on the top left of the collection).

Her parents, Andreas and Eftihiya (nee Xilinakis) Papapetrou, moved to Australia from Greece. Polixeni, a spring baby, was born in Melbourne, November 21, 1960. She always felt different from the other children she grew up with. The food her family ate, the way they looked and other traditions set them apart.

She studied law and art at Melbourne University, graduating in 1984. She started her career as a lawyer. She once said, “I…

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The Hands of Heaven

Sometimes it pays to commute. A few weeks ago I road shot gun during the evening commute.

The traffic lights turned green and the clouds opened their hands to give us this . . .

A slice of heaven at sunset.

Have a slice on me.

Until next week.



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Seattle Skyline

Once upon a time . . .

The changing face of Seattle.

For two years in a row, Seattle was named the crane capital of America. It plays host to the most tower cranes in the country. Only this year did it fall below 58 tower cranes, surrendering its domination.

That’s a lot of construction.

I wanted to mark the moment in time, because the skyline won’t look this way forever.

Until next week.


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