Summer Memories Before The Fall

My backyard early one morning in June before fire season started.

Clematis and Roses

“Every time I imagine a garden in an architectural setting, it turns into a magical place. I think of gardens I have seen, that I believe I have seen, that I long to see, surrounded by simple walls, columns, arcades or the facades of buildings – sheltered places of great intimacy where I want to stay for a long time.” ~Peter Zumthor




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The Pacific Northwest is Smokin’

Greetings from the smokin’ northwestern United States. Unlike our neighbors to the south and south east who are being pummeled by hurricanes, we looked like this a few week’s ago.

Before the forest fires. The Tacoma Narrows to the left.

Fire season started in late June. Since then thunder storms ignite anything worth burning from British Columbia, Canada, to California, from the west coast to the interior west.

Burn bans rise and fall with the changes in the wind. Sometimes the air pollution sticks to the air like glue making lighting charcoal for the barbecue a $1,000 fine.

Monday, September 4, 2017. Smoke fills the air and ash falls from the sky like snow, reminiscent of Mount St. Helen’s eruption in May of 1980. Tacoma Narrows to the right.

By Tuesday, September 5th, we reached 93°F (34°C), the air turned orange but the ash stayed gray.

We pray for rain and the fire fighters and their families and those in the path of the hurricanes.












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Confessions of a Halloween Junkie

The Halloween countdown started at our house when the first all-Halloween catalog arrived in early August. Normally I don’t start talking about Halloween until October. This year the inspiration is flowing in faster than advertisements in my email.

The pumpkin patch is in full swing.

New tombstones for our graveyard are pouring into my head. So I won’t mention over 200 of them already exist.

Sunday night the first draft of Oleg Torvaldson appeared in my sketchbook. He may or may not look like this by the final draft.

Tombstone today, billboard tomorrow.

Oleg Torvaldson, 3’ 2” tall. Garden Gnome, Celebrity Impersonator. Makes regular guest appearances at garden parties. Secretly want to star in his own Nescafé commercial.


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Grand Finale: One and Only Poll, Dave’s Greatest Sports Names

Rave for Dave Grand Finale over at the BoFN.

The Blog of Funny Names

“Friendship at first sight, like love at first sight, is said to be the only truth.”–Herman Melville

Call me Doofus.   Some years ago–never mind how long precisely–having little or no life, and nothing in particular to interest me in reality, I thought I would log on for a while and see the blogging part of the world.

Practically the first thing I ran into in the blogosphere was The Blog of Funny Names, and its intrepid creator, Dave Carlson.  It seems we immediately had something in common, spanning our generations.   We both have an innate love for funny names, particularly in sports, and especially in baseball.  I commented on one of his posts, that I first delved into funny names when a friend and I compiled a list of what we called the 50 Wackiest Names in Baseball.  We went through an entire baseball encyclopedia, thousands of…

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Here’s to King Dave, who taught me about more than funny names

Rave for Dave Campaign over at the BoFN Day 9.

The Blog of Funny Names

Back when I was wet behind the ears, I dreamed about being a writer for BoFN.

Then Dave Carlson opened his big, fuzzy heart and let me into the big leagues.

Well, something like that.

I was writing along at when my fellow bloggers Liz and Kerbey told me about this spot they both were posting at. The Blog of Funny Names, they nudged me to check out.  It ran almost daily stories frequently written by some seriously funny folks.

IMG_7561The ringleader was a guy by the name of Dave Carlson. He got in touch with me, and I must have passed muster. Maybe it was my name. In any case, he gave me a montly slot on his blog, and in November, 2014, off I went with a piece on golfer Fred Funk.

It went live on the blog. I held my breath.

Dave Carlson commented in…

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Goodhearted Laughter Redux

Laughter is the best medicine over at the BoFN today.

The Blog of Funny Names

Welcome new readers and longtime fans. Thank you for following us during our Rave for Dave campaign to help Dave with his fight against cancer, because cancer is no laughing matter, or is it?

Today I’m re-posting Goodhearted Laughter, because laughter is the best medicine–according to Reader’s Digest.

Thanks again for your support!

* * *

Mwa ha ha ha ha. Bwa ha ha ha. Heh heh heh heh heh. Ho ho ho. Tee hee hee. Ha ha ha ha ha. Snort. *Fannie wipes a tear from her eye.*

Greetings funny names fans. In these times of change, sometimes a good belly laugh is required. You’ve heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine.”  Tee hee.

Our next guest believed whole-heartedly laughter was the best medicine. Laughter therapist, Dr. Annette Goodheart (1935-2011) started out life an as artist with a paint brush. She re-framed her solitary painter’s life and found…

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Rave for Dave, Fri-Dayve Edition

The Rave for Dave Continues, albeit a little out of order. 🙂

The Blog of Funny Names

What up home dogs! It is I, Rob, returning to the blog to honor a very special person – my brother Dave!  As teenagers, Dave and I realized we had a great affinity for people with awesome names. Dave, of course, took that affinity and turned it into this wonderful blog.

If you’ve been following this awesome campaign to honor the man whose nicknames (mostly used only by me) have included Davey Baby, David McGuinty, and King Ding Ding, you know that he’s been going through a heck of a lot recently. Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, and it’s taken a real toll on the poor guy. But he’s a champ, a fighter, a badass, and a boss, and he is already back in med school, inspiring everybody who crosses his path!

However, getting a brain tumor ain’t cheap, and he could use some help with his medical bills and associated…

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