A Special Edition Revisited: Rhythm is a Dancer vs Pump Up the Jam

This week’s special edition brought to you by life with my real world responsibilities.

You may have noticed my alter ego and I share a zombie avatar in the morning. I wouldn’t call it an allergy to mornings per se, but more a celebration of evening. I really do think mornings are lovely—once I wake up around 10 a.m..

However, this week even my third cup of morning Joe failed me.

Plan B.

Two songs popped into my head, neither one Meghan Trainor’s “All About the Bass” to get my blood pumping.

“Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap! kept pounding on the closet door in the remote recesses of my brain.

*Fannie looks around the closet.*

A dim, bare bulb swings on the cord from the ceiling—making a soft creaking sound, punctuated by the thin, metal pull-chain clapping the glass. Freed from the bulb, cobwebs floated toward the ceiling.

I need to dust. And replace that light bulb. It’s a bit creepy in here.

Sitting on the shelf next to it, Technotronic’s “Pump Up the Jam.” Now that should get my blood flowing.

When I watched the video, I remembered why I put it on the shelf.

But now I’m pumped up.

What songs help get your motor running in the morning? Let me know in the comments.

Until next week my friends.

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Íslensku Jólasveinarnir, The Icelandic Yule Lads

Icelandic Yule Lads also know as the 13 Santas. This month’s contribution to the Blog of Funny Names.

The Blog of Funny Names

Halló funny names fans. Happy New Year!

Today’s post, Icelandic lore. Every evening during the two weeks before Christmas one of the Yule Lads, also know as Iceland’s 13 Santas, come down from the mountains surrounding Dimmuborgir and cause trouble around the homes and farms in Iceland so their mother, Grýla—a troll, can eat the naughty children. The lads hang out for two weeks, then head for home one at a time during the two weeks after Christmas.

Starting 13 days before Christmas, the children of Iceland leave a shoe in the window each night. If the children are good, the Lads will leave them a treat, if they’ve been bad, they will leave a raw potato in their shoe. Beats a lump of coal.

Pronunciation guide video:

The lads in order of appearance:

Stekkjastaur also known as Sheep-Cote Clod. He harangues sheep, trying to drink their milk directly from…

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A Special Edition: February 20th is Only Six-ish Weeks Away

In my small town we support a YMCA.  Two years ago one of the janitors fed me a gym secret.

I’m going to share . . . again.

 * * *

We’ve all done it, made a resolution.

January 1st, we put our resolution into action. Feeling the enthusiasm, joy, trepidation of a kindergartner on the first day of school.

January 22nd hits. Some of us fell off the resolution joy ride, while others continue strong.

The staff at your local gym are marking off the days on their calendar. That special day when the last of the irresolute “resolutioners” fall off the resolution joy ride.

It’s the same day every year.

There are only 6 weeks and change left until that special day when the gym staff can take a coffee break. And the janitors no longer pull double duty cleaning the locker rooms.

February 19th.

Let’s mess with their heads. Let’s make it a strong finish. Let’s all show up on the 20th!

TO FINISH IS TO WIN. (Yes, that's me on the right at the finish line.)

TO FINISH IS TO WIN. (Yes, that’s me on the right in orange at the finish line.)

For those of you who make it to February 20th, how about the Chariots of Fire Theme by Vangelis.

Until next week.







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Happy Holidays Everyone

Happy holidays everyone. I will be away from the web celebrating with my family.

May warmth and sunshine fill your heart, and sunflowers reflect your soul. May you drink the aroma of sweet smelling things and sense the enchantment of child-like wonder. May your mind dance to music sent from above and may you touch the heart of someone you love.







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A Special Edition—Safe Travels This Holiday Season

With thoughts turning toward travel and family and holidays, here’s to clear roads ahead no matter the weather.

The road less traveled holds many mysteries.

The road less traveled holds many mysteries.

Here’s to unexpected romance, in unexpected places.

Serenade in my home town harbor.

Serenade in my home town’s harbor.

Here’s to inspiration from what nature gives us.

Artist unknown. Pleasure immeasurable.

Artist unknown. Pleasure immeasurable.

And should you not get the gift you were hoping for, here’s to remembering roses are red, not always true. But the gifts you receive were chosen out of love for you.

A rose from my garden.

Summer’s perfume.

Happy holidays everyone.






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Hedda Hopper, Gossip Columnist, Wearer of Hats

Greetings funny names fans, how about a little dish-delish with gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper, over at the Blog of Funny Names.

The Blog of Funny Names

Some people are born with fabulous names and then a sidestep of fate takes it a twist further.

The artist formerly known as Furry. Hedda Hopper. The artist formerly known as Furry.

Elda Furry was born in 1885 in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. She left home for the Big Apple at an early age in hopes of becoming an actress. Her attempts caused Florenz Zeigfeld (Zeigfeld Follies) to call her a “clumsy cow”. Not the recognition she hoped for.

A few years later she joined matinee idol DeWolf Hopper’s theater company. It was a pivotal move. She remained in the chorus and as an understudy until she realized it was not acting. She wanted to act.

She convinced Edgar Selwyn to cast her in the lead role of his play The Country Boy. The show toured for 35 weeks. She was on her way.

Remember what I said about the twist further? In 1913, Elda became the…

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A Special Edition: A Cup of Christmas Tea Revisited

You may have noticed it’s been months since I’ve done one of my regular posts.

It’s December. All of the end of year activities and traditions: baking, Christmas cards, seeing friends and family, sharing stories, decorating, and of course, celebrating the season.

I love this time of year. Yeah, it’s here, there, everywhere—since August if you’re a retailer. The time of year we traditionally take on more than we can chew. Or chew on more than we can take on. 😉

So when you’re burning the midnight oil prepping your traditions, getting ready for travel to distant locales, or just planning a baking frenzy, don’t forget to take a moment, sit back, relax, and spend some time taking care of yourself.

One family-favorite tradition in our household each year is listening to A Cup of Christmas Tea, by Tom Hegg. Perhaps we can share a cup of Christmas tea together.

Have a great holiday season everyone, however you celebrate it!


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