Fish Ladder Versus Bass Pro

Every once in a while I come across something that makes me scratch my head. This bucket appeared above the fish ladder a few weeks ago. Was someone hoping to catch some volunteer fish?

Do you think someone is expecting the fish to jump into the bucket?


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A Real Moose or a Bev Doolittle Painting?

I was in Fairbanks, Alaska, last month celebrating one of my cousin’s wedding. On the way to the wedding venue, a moose cow ran across the street in front of our car. She stopped on the other side of the road and posed for a Bev Doolittle painting.

“Work it, work it, work it.”

Can you find the moose?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Chambers Bay at Sunset

It pays to be at the right place at the right time. My husband and I were driving through town on our way to another destination. How could we not stop for a few minutes and enjoy this view of Chambers Bay at sunset?

Low tide has never looked this good.

Enjoy the view.


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Full Moon Over Gig Harbor

My husband and I took a walk in downtown Gig Harbor because of the clear-ish skies and full moon. It incidentally lined up with the “Sip and Stroll” sponsored by the waterfront merchants. It was a beautiful, cold night filled with “spirits” and couples strolling along the harbor.

My aging iPhone no longer has good night vision.

Thank you for sharing it with me.


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Sunrise over Mount Rainier

My apologies for the extended absence from the blogisphere without explanation. I have been working on getting a self-help book traditionally published, and there are a lot of nuts and bolts under the publishing hood I never knew about. I dedicated the book to my father and answered the question he posed to me some time ago, “I’ve got Alzheimer’s Disease not the plague. What does it take to be treated like a human being?”

The cover was released in November 2019.

Some questions are harder to answer than others.

Because I didn’t know I would write a book about dementia care, I did not have the foresight to have a professional photo taken of my father before he passed. The gentleman depicted is a model. And since I am at the sunrise of my writing career with a mountain of work yet to surmount, here is a photo of Mount Rainier at sunrise taken from Chambers Bay Park in University Place, Washington, USA.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are around this lovely planet.



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Forty-One Days Left Until Halloween

The Cranium household is counting down the days until Halloween, one of our favorite holidays. I was looking at some of last year’s decorations and noticed the quizzical look on the alien mummy’s face. Which makes me wonder what on earth caught his attention?

Perhaps a new decoration caught his fancy?

We may never know.

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Mount Rainier is a Little Naked This Year

My better half and I ventured up to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State during the Labor Day holiday. We were surprised to see so much bare rock.

Perhaps the snow cap is the mountains equivalent of wearing a Speedo.

The mountain must be working on the last of it’s summer tan . . .

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, only one week left of summer.




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