Rav3 4 Dav3 Day 7

Rave for Dave Day 7 at the Blog of Funny Names.

The Blog of Funny Names

Words on Dave

by Ogdydd Naesh

Dave is sometimes known as King,
And has a fondness for boxing.
He also has been known to spar
With WordPress and rock guitar.

For funny names Dave has a passion,
Which puts his own name out of fashion;
Dave’s name is nice enough, but plain,
As Dave himself likes to explain.

They say Dave’s clever like Tom Edison,
And it’s a fact he studies medicine.
Is there anything Dave can’t do?
Our research team can’t prove it’s true.

One’s called Angie and one’s named Clifford;
They’ve gone out armed with pencil and clipboard.
So far, they report one fact:
Dave loves people, and they love him back.

We’ve never met a soul so brave
To say, “Sorry, I can’t do that, Dave.”
Confronted with Dave’s charms galore,
Even HAL would lift that pod bay door.

Hal and Dave “Anything you say, Dave. No problemo!”

Dave’s also…

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Rave For Dave Campaign #6, by beth k

Rave for Dave Day 6 over at the BoFN.

The Blog of Funny Names

Today special guest blogger, Beth, from I Didn’t Have My Glasses On, is helping us get out the word.

dave and i first crossed paths on his blog site, the blog of funny names, a few years back. since then, he has made quite the journey. while he cranked out blogs with some of the most unusual and humorous names (and their stories), that have ever existed, he made the decision to go to medical school. at that point, he enlisted the help of fellow bloggers to offer their takes on this theme and to keep the blog up and running. (can you believe it, who would give up such a incredible enterprise like writing a humor blog for something so serious as medical school?!)

while in medical school, with his studies focusing on becoming a neurologist, only to soon live with the most ironic twist of all, discovering the news that he himself had a brain…

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Rayve 4 Dayve

Rave For Dave Day 4 at the BoFN. #RaveForDave

The Blog of Funny Names


So Dave, then. The reason we’re all here. Whether this is your first visit to The Blog of Funny Names or your 363rd, you owe this corner’s existence to one Mr. King Dave. And today’s post is the fourth in its latest series, dedicated to Dave and his amazing fight.

Fannie, Kerbey and Arto have covered details in earlier posts, so I won’t repeat what they’ve shared. What you need to know is this:

  1. Dave Carlson is an amazing young man.
  2. Among many other entrepreneurial ventures, Dave decided to go to medical school to study neurology.
  3. Dave works hard and goes far.
  4. Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumor last November.
  5. Dave is enduring lots and lots of treatment, much of it successful (yay!).
  6. Dave insists on returning to med school (part-time) so he can keep on keeping on with his degree.
  7. Dave has lots of support and is…

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Rav3 for Dav3 Day 3!

Rav3 for Dav3 Part 3 over at the BoFN. #RaveForDave

The Blog of Funny Names

We continue our ongoing DaveFest today with another entry to celebrate our resident boxing enthusiast, Prince fanatic, medical student and professional name appreciator.

On Monday,  the inimitable Fannie Craniumgot us going and updated us on his health issue, and ways we can contribute to his GoFundMe page.Yesterdaywe had a delightful ode from the wonderful Kerbey, so check that out too!

Today I’m happy to pop in and deliver my silly little ode to Dave in the form of a “poem” made up of slightly modified Muhammad Ali quotes.

This is the legend of Cassius Dave,

The most beautiful fighter in the world today.

alibirdFloat like a Prince fan dancing to Purple Rain,

Sting like a needle off the hands of a med student


Dave comes out to meet you and you start to retreat,

if you go back an inch farther you’ll end up in…

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Rave For Dave, Part Deux

Rave for Dave, Part Deux. From the BoFN. #RaveForDave

The Blog of Funny Names

Hello, dear readers! Kerbey here. Today we continue our Rave for Dave Campaign, as we sing the praises of our fearless Blog of Funny Names leader. In yesterday’s post, Fannie updated us on his health issue, and ways we can contribute to his GoFundMe page. With our support, we can help him win this battle! To add to that support, I offer my silly and sincere ode to brave Dave.

Ode To Dave, Who Is Strong Like Bull

What can I say of my pal, Dave?

His friendship is a gift

He’s a glass half-full, super middleweight guy

With more enthusiasm than Taylor Swift

He’s hope and resilience, endurance and charm

Charisma and kindness, his nature

Ever-the-encourager, boxing-phile

Lover of nomenclature

So maybe he favors red hoodies

Maybe he’s donned zebra pants

Could he have worn a “Merry “Chrithmith” sweater?

I think there’s a pretty good chance

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Rave For Dave Campaign

We’re raving for Dave over at the BoFN!

The Blog of Funny Names

Dave and I first met when he commented on my blog in September 2012. I snorted coffee out my nose when he commented “You had me at Bunny and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.” I loved reading about the Drive Thru Feed guy too. Awesome story!

Curiosity lead me over to the BoFN where I discovered his post titled, Nipsey Russell, one of my all-time favorite comedians, poet, and game show regular. You never forget your first post. It’s still my favorite.

Dave’s unique qualities show through his writing—his charm, his charisma, his compassion—with each of his posts. Each post a celebration. He expresses himself with humor and passion and respect.

In his quest to become a neurologist, his spare time filled up with essays and medical school applications. The daily posting schedule dwindled. Those of us mainlining the BoFN suffered withdrawal.

In a masterstroke, Dave…

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James Bond Fan

Sometimes the drive to the grocery story nets more than a bag of groceries.

Bond, James Bond.

Parked in the stall closest to the entrance, how could anyone not admire the “James Bond Car”? The rainbow decal is “Positive” you’ll look.

I have no idea if it’s a Sunbeam Alpine or an Aston Martin or something else. But I admire someone so dedicated to a movie series they drive a car that will never be lost in a parking lot.

Now where did I park my car?


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