Adventures in Ice Cream

Just before my Richard and I married, a friend of ours asked Richard to house sit for him while he and his wife went on vacation.

They left Richard a half-gallon of Crock Magic’s S’mores ice cream.  Richard tried some of it one night while watching television.  He ate the entire half-gallon in one sitting.

Embarrassed because he ate the entire carton, he covered his tracks, and purchased a replacement carton. No one would ever know.

Later in the day while watching television, he decided he would eat just a little so they would know he tried it.

Half an hour later an empty carton streaked with chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, a clump of marshmallow and a large spoon occupied the space next to him on the sofa.

When his friends returned, they asked, “So how did you like the S’mores Ice Cream?”

Richard said, “It was so good I couldn’t stop myself and ate the whole thing in one siting.  The next morning I was so embarrassed I bought another carton so you would never know. The only problem was I would be sitting there watching TV each night and I would know it was in the freezer and have to eat another carton.”

They left him messages on his voice mail saying “S’mores, S’mores, S’mores ice cream”.

This sent him to the grocery store to buy more.

By the end of summer none of the neighborhood grocery stores carried it any more.

The next summer we looked everywhere for it. No luck.

One year later our favorite grocery store posted a special offer from Crock Magic.

The sign read, “If your favorite flavor is not in our freezer, call Crock Magic’s customer service department and your favorite flavor will be delivered to the store in 24 hours.”

I grabbed one of the menus and called Crock Magic.

“I picked up one of your ice cream menus, we are looking for S’mores Ice Cream which is not listed anywhere. Is it still available?”

The customer service representative said, “The flavor was only being test marketed and did not sell too well.”

Consider my shock based on my husband’s addiction.

The representative said, “We have received several calls for S’mores, if you really want to see the flavor again you should write to the Marketing Department and request it.  If they receive enough requests, they will start making it again. I’ll be sure to pass your request along to Marketing.”

She gave me the address and I wrote them the following letter:

Crock Magic

I C E  C R E A M

Attn:  Marketing

Subj:  S’mores Ice Cream Saga

A few weeks ago my husband and I were in our favorite grocery store, and we saw a flier in the frozen food section saying if we did not see our favorite ice cream to call and it would be delivered to the store within 24 hours.

We poured over the list looking for S’mores ice cream and it was not there.  I even called the 800 number and your customer service person said it was not available, but she would pass the request along to you folks.  I want you to know why this is so important to us “Ice Cream-aholics”.

When you were test marketing S’mores Ice Cream a few years ago, some friends of ours discovered it.  They bought some and brought it home. They became hooked. Then they asked my husband to house sit for them and left the freezer stocked with S’mores ice cream.  He ate one carton a night and after he would finish it he would feel guilty and buy one to replace it.  This went on for two weeks!!!!

When our friends returned from there trip, they heard the story and thought it so funny we would find containers of S’mores on our door step or they would bring it over with them when they visited.  Of course, not to be out done, we bought some and gave it to them.  Then it disappeared from the shelves of the grocery store. We, at first, thought it was a seasonal offering, but it never came back, probably because we were the only people buying it.

Since then the ghost of S’mores ice cream has reared its ugly head time and again. We found messages on our voice mail saying “S’mores ice cream, S’mores ice cream”.  Which, of course, sends my husband frantically to the store in fruitless quest.

Do you think it possible you may bring S’mores ice cream back on the market?!!!


Richard and Fannie Cranium

Shameless Ice Cream Lovers

Two month went by and we heard nothing.  Then one day we received a letter in the mail from the President of the company no less.

Crock Magic

I C E  C R E A M

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cranium,

Thank you for your letter letting us know of your disappointment in being unable to find Crock Magic’s S’mores ice cream at your local market.  Being unable to find your favorite Crock Magic flavor can really be frustrating!

Unfortunately, S’mores has been discontinued from our flavor line.  Each year our flavor list is evaluated and some new flavors are added while others are discontinued.  We wish it were possible to manufacture and package all of our flavors, but we must work within the limits of available freezer space in grocery stores.  However, if we receive enough consumer response to the discontinuance of a particular flavor (and we have heard from several S’mores fans!), we will certainly consider reinstating it in the flavor line.

Please accept the enclosed certificates for two half-gallons of Crock Magic ice cream (one for you and one for your S’mores-loving friends) in hopes you will find another flavor you enjoy as much as S’mores.  We appreciate your taking the time to contact our company to let us know of your flavor preference.



William Fitzgerald Crock, III


Well after we received the letter from Crock Magic, I heard a story on the radio chronicling a woman who started a grass roots campaign to bring Star Trek back to television and we all know what happened there.

Now it is our turn to get S’mores back on the shelf.

So with the incredible heat wave enveloping most of the country, I won’t tell you about the cold, smooth, creamy richness of the vanilla ice cream.  The way the chocolate’s rich velvety flavor melts in your mouth.  The soft, sweetness of the marshmallow or the way the graham cracker tantalizes your taste buds.

Bon appétit.

About Fannie Cranium

Writing since she could first hold a pen, Tracy Perkins formed her alter ego, "Fannie Cranium" at the suggestion of her husband. Tracy understands smiling makes people wonder what she’s been up to.
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