A Special Edition: Rhythm is a Dancer vs Pump Up the Jam

This week’s special edition has been brought to you by life with my real world responsibilities. Starting with hitting the books, and ending with attending webinars with words reminiscent of Klingon Boggle.

You may have noticed my alter ego and I share a zombie avatar in the morning. I wouldn’t call it an allergy to mornings per se, but more a celebration of evening. I really do think mornings are lovely—once I wake up around 10 a.m.. For those of you who used to work with me in Seattle, I’m sure the revelation comes as a bit of a shock.

However, this week even my third cup of morning Joe failed me.

Plan B.

Two songs popped into my head, neither one Michael Bolton’s “The One Thing,” to get my blood pumping.

“Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap! kept pounding on the closet door in the remote recesses of my brain.

*Fannie looks around the closet.*

A dim, bare bulb swinging on the cord from the ceiling—making a soft creaking sound, punctuated by the thin, metal pull-chain clapping the glass. Freed from the bulb, cobwebs floated toward the ceiling.

I need to dust. And replace that light bulb. It’s a bit creepy in here.

Sitting on the shelf next to it, Technotronic’s “Pump Up the Jam.” Now that should get my blood flowing.

When I watched the video, I remembered why I put it on the shelf.

But now I’m pumped up—bring on the Klingon Boggle.

What songs help get your motor running in the morning? Let me know in the comments.

Until next week my friends.


About Fannie Cranium

Writing since she could first hold a pen, Tracy Perkins formed her alter ego, "Fannie Cranium" at the suggestion of her husband. Tracy understands smiling makes people wonder what she’s been up to.
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5 Responses to A Special Edition: Rhythm is a Dancer vs Pump Up the Jam

  1. Liz says:

    Fannie! Tracy! (I saw you both in this post.) What a fun read. And listen. You totally threw a dance party 🙂 I’m heading back to food for fun quick and will return with treats.
    ‘K, back. I brought waffles and syrup–have some! Brought one of Arto’s Hanky Books, too, for syrup spills.

    Great songs, both. Wonder what snap! is up to now. Hadn’t known they were a German group. The video was new to me and seemed Lady Gaga-esque. Whoa on the body suits. The second one actually got me moving. Kids are in school, husband at work, so I may have got up from my chair and danced. Maybe 😉

    Thanks, Fancy 😉 (not going with Trannie, haha)


    • Liz, you crack me up. I can totally see you dancing around the kitchen. Thanks for coming to the dance party and bringing the snacks–and the Hanky Books.

      Maybe I should become a “gear head” then “Trannie” would totally work. 😉


  2. aplscruf says:

    “Pump Up the Jam” was every cheer, drill and flag team’s theme song of the early nineties. Working at the high school at the time, that song was a perpetual earworm!

    The song that gets me up and going, most ironically, is “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones!


    • I learned two new things today.

      Didn’t know “Pump Up the Jam” was such a big theme song for high schoolers in the 90’s.

      Never saw the video before for “I Wanna Be Sedated”. I can “see” why the song gets you going. 🙂


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