A Special Edition: Stop the Cavalry

Last week I mentioned the great time we enjoyed over Thanksgiving instead of knuckling down and getting our Christmas cards and letters out.

On Tuesday evening, Mr. Cranium and I signed 480 “holiday” cards (before you gasp—we are self-employed). Rubbing our hands after we finished phase one, we decided to go for a drive and look at holiday lights.

My better half tuned the radio to the local Christmas music station. Right after Elvis’s Blue Christmas finished the bouncy beginning of Stop the Cavalry filled the car. Bobbing in my seat and singing with more gusto than I should. (The only way I can carry a tune is in a bucket.) I got to the refrain and sang the “dubba dubba dubb. . .”.

My husband laughed. “It sounds like that song from Shaun of the Dead. You know that zombie song.”

I laughed.

You decided.

Here is Stop the Cavalry by The Cory Band:

Here is the Zombie Song from Shaun of the Dead:

Now imagine me singing without the bucket . . . . then again, maybe you shouldn’t. I’d hate to spoil your appetite.

By the way, the short stories are on hold until after the new year . . . I’m not mimicking a three sided candle this year and burning all the ends. 🙂

To those of you who have already sent me notes saying you haven’t received my Christmas letter yet, I know. My bad. It will be in the mail soon.

Hope your holiday season is filled with cheer and NO writer’s cramp.



About Fannie Cranium

Writing since she could first hold a pen, Tracy Perkins formed her alter ego, "Fannie Cranium" at the suggestion of her husband. Tracy understands smiling makes people wonder what she’s been up to.
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14 Responses to A Special Edition: Stop the Cavalry

  1. Liz says:

    is it bad if I’d never heard of the song or the movie before clicking on your post? Thanks for the educating, Tracy!

    Your life is too high-pressure if you have folks asking about holiday cards already (480? holy cow). Are you putting gold bricks in these envelopes that people are clamoring so?


    • Liz–If you enjoy Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, both English actors, and if you enjoy quirky zombie movies, Shaun of the Dead is hilarious, but it’s a bit gruesome.

      I’m addicted to the written word. Until I started blogging, my only writing outlet was our Christmas letter, which chronicled our adventures for the year and gave shout outs to the people we spent time with.

      The holiday cards contain our Christmas letter. It has developed its own following and now people start calling me in July to see if they’ll make it in.

      I used to think it was weird, now I take it as a compliment.

      We even have friends who hang it on their wall with their Christmas cards. They must use big thumbtacks because the letter hasn’t been shorter than 20 pages in years.


  2. aplscruf says:

    Shaun of The Dead is quite possibly the best zombie movie of all time. LOVE those guys!


  3. kerbey says:

    I have never had that first song, nor have I ever seen a zombie anything, minus the “Thriller” video because ew. I realize I am in the minority. If I saw a limb drop, I’d be right behind it with some Clorox wipes and a dustbin. However, I actually own “White Lines,” and have many memories of dancing my teen bum off at the clubs when they would play that in the 80s. Of course, those who were actually coked up would wink at each other ironically as the song played, but those of us spinning soberly to Grandmaster Flash just enjoyed the beat.

    And 480? I don’t even know 480 people. You are amazing. I went through my address book made of paper, not on a screen, yesterday and handwrote 25 cards and I thought I deserved a medal for that amount of energy and time and commitment. You deserve a Lifetime movie.


    • I like your spunk, Kerbey. Zombies, Clorox wipes and a dust bin, I think there’s a movie in there somewhere. 🙂

      And for the 25 handwritten cards, you do earn a medal, my friend.

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      • kerbey says:

        And might I add that I used ornament stamps from the US postal service, as well as snowman address labels, so I kept it super Christmasy. I almost put little pine-scented scratch n sniff labels on the back…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Love your attention to details.

        If only you used the pine-scented scratch n sniff labels, it would have add something festive smelling to the postal carriers’s, cold, dusty, paper-mite filled vehicles. 😉

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  4. markbialczak says:

    These songs are not on my radar, either, Fannie. Do we live in the same country? OK, I at lease know all about Shaun of the Dead. I do enjoy the thought of you enthusiastically singing along in the car, bucketless. Does that make your hubby’s bucket list, you think? You are not alone. I am asked to sing solo! So low nobody else can hear me. Bada-boom. You guys! Writing out 450 cards is a feat. Happy and Merry for sure to you both from my dear wife Karen and I.


    • I’m slightly surprised you’ve never heard Stop the Cavalry. Although we had a DJ back in the day who, back in the 80’s, made it part of the Christmas tradition in Seattle. And the version I included is a cover for the original which went No. 1 in England.

      Love the way you sing solo. Perhaps like Steven King, his group of writers, the merry little band from the BoFN will perform (except separately and in private since we don’t want to get boo-ed from the stage. 😉

      And a Happy and Merry to you and your dear wife Karen. Hope the snow is improving!


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