Boy Squirrel or Girl Squirrel Underpants Revisited

Greetings from the land of tree Bacchanalia. My black asphalt driveway turned yellow over the weekend. While the rest of the United States enjoys varying degrees of spring, my little corner enjoys never ending spring. I expect a summer scorcher. And lots of bugs.

Now for this week’s post, which was originally posted in February of 2014, but I’m off enjoying the unexpected company who arrived this week ahead of next week’s expected company. So we’re partying like the squirrels.

Open season on rose hips. Spicy!

Open season on rose hips. Hot stuff baby.

One of my kitty carnivores alerted me to a resident squirrel calling open season on the “Fragrant Wave” rose hip salad bar. Clearly vitamin C cravings. Spicy!

I think this is my best side.

I think this is my best side.

My presence did not affect its dining habits one iota.

Go ahead, make my day!

I’m a diva, d a r l i n g.

Other than it faced me and posed for more pictures. My cats have already accused me of being a paparazzi.

Does this squirrel not realize the moral implications of running around the neighborhood naked?

Leaving the question of squirrel decency up in the air or in this case on a stick.

Leaving one to ponder, boy squirrel or girl squirrel underpants.

Leaving room for debate. You decided. Vote in the comments.

Tighty whities?

Tighty whities?


Pretty in Pink?

Pretty in pink?

Available on Amazon or a local joke shop near you! Click it to view it.

Since my neighborhood squirrel diva mugged for the camera, let’s wrap up this special edition with a real diva. Donna Summers and Hot Stuff. Since this IS such a hot topic. 😉

Until next week when this little blog turns five!



About Fannie Cranium

Writing since she could first hold a pen, Tracy Perkins formed her alter ego, "Fannie Cranium" at the suggestion of her husband. Tracy understands smiling makes people wonder what she’s been up to.
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2 Responses to Boy Squirrel or Girl Squirrel Underpants Revisited

  1. Vikki Perkins says:

    I vote for make in pink tighties because he obviously is in touch with his feminine side.
    Amazing pictures and blog, Fannie!!

    Liked by 1 person

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