Hans Conreid

Here’s this month’s contribution to the BoFN. The voice behind such wonderful characters as Snidley Whiplash . . . Hans Conreid.

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Welcome new readers! Sometimes I like to stretch the limits of funny name-ology like a two-sizes-to-small-1974-purple-polyester-pantsuit because someone with a name that is not so funny gives life to fictional characters who are.

Have you ever wondered who was the voice behind Snidely Whiplash? Disney’s 1953 animated movie Captain Hook? Or who inspired Futurama’s “Robot Devil”? The gifted actor and comedian, Hans Conreid is the answer to all three.

Hans Conreid could have said, “Diction made me famous,” but he didn’t.

Hans Georg Conreid, Jr. was the product of Hans Georg Conreid and beautifully named Edith Beryl (née Gildersleeve)—no relation to the fictional character, Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve. His father an immigrant from Vienna, Austria, and his mother a descendant of the Pilgrims.

Hans started out in radio in the late 1930’s. He once said of his first assignment on radio, “I had the part of a Swiss guardsman. I…

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