The Perfect Box

What is it about cats and boxes? I cannot open a box without finding one of my feline friends ready to inspect its contents.

When cat and box merge . . . .

Apparently this box was deemed suitable for a nap.

Until next week.



About Fannie Cranium

Writing since she could first hold a pen, Tracy Perkins formed her alter ego, "Fannie Cranium" at the suggestion of her husband. Tracy understands smiling makes people wonder what she’s been up to.
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2 Responses to The Perfect Box

  1. Liz says:

    So cute. Remind me how many cats you have and their names? We have an orange tabby that looks a bit like yours in a box 🙂 Also a black shorthair. He’s a scamp and the two fight like siblings. (which they are not) Do yours get along?

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    • That’s funny about your cats acting like siblings. Up until last month, we had two ginger tabbies named Olivia and Ernest. Mother and son. Ernest passed away after a short bout with pneumonia. He had severe asthma. It happened so quickly, our vet couldn’t help him.

      The cats got along great, but they used to wrestle like mad. Olivia was half Ernest size but she could body slam him into the carpet if he got too feisty. I think it was a mom thing. 🙂

      We will get another shelter cat sometime this fall. It’s too quiet around here.


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