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Twilight in Blyn, Washington

The solstice is tomorrow. This was the view from Blyn, Washington, last Friday evening well after 10 p.m. My cell phone did not do this vista justice. The dark line in the water—hundreds of Canadian geese gliding silently into the … Continue reading

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A Quiet Morning Walk

There is a paved trail not far from my home. I love to run and walk along it. Sometimes a bald eagle will fly overhead. Wild rabbits race along the trail darting into the underbrush. Small birds sing in the … Continue reading

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An Oyster-Colored Sky

Sometimes my husband and I take a quiet moment before work. We will stop somewhere to soak in the scenery. On one of the rare moments shortly after sunrise, there was an oyster-colored sky. The morning marine layer still blanketed … Continue reading

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When Your Favorite Mountain is Having a Bad Hair Day or Is It?

My mother-in-law owned a large troll doll collection. The trolls laid siege to the china hutch in her dining room. One of my fondest memories is her combing out their hair. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have … Continue reading

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Twilight in Seattle

Last night we joined some friends for dinner in Seattle. We drove along the water front on our way home and caught this view across the street from Me-Kwak-Mooks park in West Seattle. The Puget Sound in the foreground and … Continue reading

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The Cranium’s Celebrate 25 Together, Black Tail Deer Laughs

We celebrated our 25th anniversary at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. We told one of the local deer, she laughed. It’s all a matter of perspective. Ciao, Fannie

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A Park Realized

In our small town, we try to balance tradition with the needs of our community. We have a small harbor which lends itself to water sports. Many of the teenagers kayak, but the kayak club lost their home. The town … Continue reading

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