May the Con Be With You

Sometimes the stars align, sometime the droids from the Star Wars Sagas do too.

With Disney taking over the reigns of the Star Wars movie saga, more fans are taking over crafting working replicas of the droids. My better half and I enjoyed the Emerald City Comicon earlier this year. With the latest Star Wars movie not far removed from theaters, one of the plazas inside the convention center was over taken by these little fellows. No Jawas in sight.

A droid ballet in the making.

I’m not sure which was more fun, watching the droids or watching the kids interact with the droids. Either way, it was clear they had a good Con*.

See you next week.



*Nerd speak for “convention,” double entendre intended.

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Plastic Flamingo Vacation Getaway Spot

I love creative yard art. I delve in it every October.

Speaking of yard art, our local high school does a fundraiser every year taking people’s yards hostage with a flamingo invasion. The lucky yard-owner pays a fee to have the flamingos removed. The fee donated to the high school to fund student activities.

But where do the Flamingos go when school is out? I think we found the answer . . .

Not all flamingos are pink, but they can swim.

The ultimate plastic flamingo vacation getaway spot. What happens in the pond, stays in the pond.

Have a swimming weekend everyone!



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With Summer in our Sights, A Look Back at Early Spring

Summer officially begins in the northern hemisphere in only two weeks. Since we had such a late and wonky winter, it makes me appreciate the stark contrast of the snow melt off in western Montana in early May.

If April showers bring May flowers, what does May snow melt bring? Cattle-loving mosquitoes?

May the late winter floods now be long gone and may summer be on the horizon. Have a great weekend everyone.



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Out of the Way Vista

Cold, fresh water, runs through the canyon. The warm air cools quickly. A breeze whispers the scents of pine and moist earth. The sun sets to the music of the rushing water. Most of the world is focused elsewhere when the crickets and a coyote join the chorus.

No people, no cars, just us.

Sunset doesn’t get much better than this.

Flathead River outside of Polson, Montana. They really mean it when they say, “A river runs through it.”

Enjoy the view wherever you are this weekend. Until next week.



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Mildred “Mama Dip” Council

Mildred ‘Mama Dip’ Council specialized in southern comfort food, dump cooking style. Check it out over at the BoFN. Enjoy!

The Blog of Funny Names

Welcome funny names fans! Not since early 2017 have we had an opportunity to talk about food celebrities. The streak is broken today.

Let’s celebrate Mildred “Mama Dip” Council. There are no photos of Mrs. Council in the public domain, however, The Daily Tar Heel has a wonderful photo of her working in her restaurant’s kitchen.

Born in 1929, Mrs. Council earned the nick name “Dip” because she was tall and was the only one in her family who could reach the bottom of the rain barrel to dip out water when the water was low. She was born into the time of the Jim Crow laws, when all that was expected of her was to be hard working and a good cook.

In the introduction of her first cookbook, “Mama Dip’s Kitchen,” which she published in 1999, she describes herself this way:

“I was born a colored baby girl…

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Ghost Yachts

A lone seagull lands on a jib crane. The water quietly laps the shore. The salty smell of dried kelp hangs in the air. Mix a little early morning fog with sunrise and twin ghost yachts appear crossing the harbor from points unseen.

Until next week.



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The Perfect Box

What is it about cats and boxes? I cannot open a box without finding one of my feline friends ready to inspect its contents.

When cat and box merge . . . .

Apparently this box was deemed suitable for a nap.

Until next week.



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