The Moth

With winter tightening it’s grip here in the United States, I stumbled across a photo I took last summer of a moth taking refuge on my window screen during the raging fire season.

One of life’s fleeting moments.

It stayed until the smoke cleared then moved on to its final destination.


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Chicken Alaska, Doesn’t that Sound Delicious? Revisited.

Celebrating my fifth anniversary over at the BoFN. Join me in celebrating.

The Blog of Funny Names

Greetings Funny Names Fans! Today I’m celebrating a milestone—five years of contributing to this wonderful blog. So what better way to celebrate than revisit my first post on the BoFN. Without further ado, take it away Fannie of five yester-years ago.

Chicken, Alaska, not to be confused with Baked Alaska, is a town of no large proportions and a delicious name.

There may be other cities in the US in which Chicken appears in their name, but none so elevated as Chicken, Alaska, located just north of the 64th parallel at 1,621 feet. Sandwiched between the the towns of Eagle and Tok (pronounced Tōk). I’m making no judgement here but the brownies may be delicious. Settled in the late 1800’s by gold seeking miners near the south fork of the 40-Mile River before the Klondike Gold Rush.

With a scarcity of food back then they took up eating the ample…

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No New Year’s Resolutions Here

Greeting’s All! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

During the holidays, my better half and I stumbled across this gem of a seasonal decoration. After speaking with their neighbors it turns out to be an excellent likeness of the homeowners and their favorite hobbies.

If Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, we know where to find it.

May your new year be filled with promise and prosperity.



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Happy New Year!

In celebration of the new year and possible fatigue from the holidays, we’ll keep this brief.

It’s 2018, we made it! *Fannie blows into her red-diamond blowout squawker*

“Hiss, squeak!”

Oh my, I think my blowout squawker has a hole in it.

Instead let’s quietly celebrate with a wonderful sunrise from last summer to chase away the winter blues.

Sunrise over Puget Sound, with Mount Rainier in the background. Washington State, USA.

Enjoy the new year!




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The New Year is Only a Few Days Away

Back in November I quietly crossed a blogging milestone. If it wasn’t for my cat nosing my monitor to chase the mouse pointer, I wouldn’t have noticed yet. Sigh.

So in celebration of my 400th post last month, let’s hear it for the discoverer who is sitting on my desk with her paw on my shoulder willing me to feed her dinner.

Re-enactment of cat nosing the monitor, from the monitor’s perspective, but in a completely different room because she made me chase her.

I’m pretending the polka dots on the chair in the photo are confetti or perhaps the snow on the blog (thank you WordPress) if you are reading this in December. Woohoo, let’s celebrate.

Have a great New Year’s everyone!

Please excuse me while I feed the cats.



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A Special Edition: A Cup of Christmas Tea Remembered

It’s late December. All of the end of year activities and traditions: baking, Christmas cards, seeing friends and family, sharing stories, decorating, and of course, celebrating the season.

I love this time of year. Yeah, it’s here, there, everywhere—since August if you’re a retailer. The time of year we traditionally take on more than we can chew. Or chew on more than we can take on. 😉

So when you’re burning the midnight oil prepping your traditions, getting ready for travel to distant locales, or just planning a baking frenzy, don’t forget to take a moment, sit back, relax, and spend some time taking care of yourself.

One family-favorite tradition in our household each year is listening to A Cup of Christmas Tea, by Tom Hegg. Perhaps we can share a cup of Christmas tea together.

Have a great holiday season everyone, however you celebrate it!


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Things You Don’t Expect to Find In Your Front Yard

Do you ever wonder if bears really poop in the woods? Based on the amount of scat I’ve seen while hiking I’d say they like to poop in clearings.  The better to see you by.

What about rabbits? Do they poop in the woods? Or are they more resourceful.

While cleaning up after a recent storm, I discovered several examples of rabbits getting the poop scared out of them in my front yard. Hmmm.

If a rabbit poops during a storm, will you hear it? No, but you might step on it.

Unlike my creative friends in Alaska who sell moose poop, I will not be shellacking it, gluing on googly eyes and selling it to tourists. Unless I can partner with Poo-Pourri. Just in time for Christmas.




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