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Bundt Cake

For those of you swinging into the holiday season, I’d like to share this thought with you from crime thriller novelist, Lisa Gardner, The Writer’s Blessing: May you always remember the thrill of being swept away by a really good … Continue reading

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Snow Drops

Snowdrops on branches, flakes fall from the sky. The first heavy snow fall of the season. I’ll be away from the web this week celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. To those of you celebrating in the United States, happy Thanksgiving. … Continue reading

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Eagles Soaring

On an early Sunday morning drive in Steilacoom, Washington, we spotted a group of bald eagles flying above our car. My Smart phone is too old to do them justice. I captured two of the eight birds that circled above … Continue reading

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Fall Ablaze

We wait for it every year. The lone maple tree among the fir, cedar, and hemlock. Every cloudless sunrise lights the tree on days like this one captured by my better half. The first big storm of fall stripped it … Continue reading

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We’re In This Together: Celebrating Writers Who Persevere

Some of you may have noticed the top tool in my Writer’s Toolbox widget is Writer’s Helping Writers so today I am jazzed to be part of Writers Persevere!, an event that authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are running … Continue reading

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Sydney Opera House

A lesser seen angle of the Syndey Opera House on a beautiful spring day. I marvel at the engineering and design of a roof that is self-cleaning every time it rains.   Save Save

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Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan. The golden-bronze phoenix on the roof taking flight in the crisp morning air. When I look at this building I’m transported back to feudal Japan during the reign of the samurai. A fanatical monk set … Continue reading

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