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When Your Cat Loves Books as Much as You Do

When a picture is worth a thousand words . . . my cat will sleep on books full of words. Then for something completely different she’ll sleep on the words. Celebrating the moments of joy, reading by snoozing. Just try … Continue reading

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When the Cat Will Play

Pets are funny, lovable and creative. Olivia, my cat, found a few places to launch a game of tag. She will hide some place I could not possibly see her, then jump out and tag me before dashing off.   … Continue reading

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Post Christmas Clean-Up

A fire crackled in the fireplace. White Christmas played in the back ground. My better half and I filled a box with Christmas ornaments. I reached for the next box to find it filled with the best gift of all, … Continue reading

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Cats: Caught in the Act

Three simple photos. Christmas Eve 2006. Our newly adopted cat, Olivia, discovered the sideboard table we set up for our buffet dinner. Clearly this set up was for her viewing pleasure. Fortunately, clean table cloths waited in the closet for … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Pea, Not the Fairy Tale

I placed the warm blankets on the bare mattress. Not a cat to be seen. One more load of laundry and three flights of stairs to our apartment in West Seattle. Basket on my hip, I entered our apartment, crossed … Continue reading

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Hi Folks, I’m away from the web this week spending time with my family. My cat, Olivia, playing stow-away. Short stories will be on hold. Time for the October Halloween-fest starting next week. Have a wonderful weekend. Ciao, Fannie Save

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A Special Edition: My Cats’ Love/Hate Relationship with Owner Paparazzi

One of my good friend’s presented me with the most delicious of gifts. An inflatable unicorn horn for the betterment of my feline friends. A tear or two might have been shed when it was presented. “Could I suffer any … Continue reading

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