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Clematis and Rose

This year has been filled with all sorts of surprises in our garden. Our clematis and climbing roses bloomed at the same time. It is a first. Normally they bloom about a month apart. And normally the clematis, planted in … Continue reading

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A Little Weed-Free Spot

Every few years, the weeds in my yard get away from me. The weeds become my white whale and I become Ahab obsessed with their obliteration. So far the weeds are winning. I spend thirty minutes every day attempting to … Continue reading

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Llama Poo Day—Redux

Thank you for joining me for the summer redux series. I will be re-posting stories you may not have read, in the fashion of a summer re-run. The original “Llama Poo Day” story posted back in May 2012. It’s been … Continue reading

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Herb Robert—A Smell That Could Kill Someone

I don’t consider myself a gardener, however, nature forced my action. If you saw last week’s photo, you know the roses are in bloom. Winter forgot us this year. Warm, wet, windy weather mixed with spectacular sun breaks brought another … Continue reading

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The Mighty Mole Hunter

“Richard, your garden looks great,” said Bunny with her refined Texas accent, surveying the turned soil, not a weed in sight. “Thanks Bunny,” said Richard smiling. “We’ve been working the last three weeks getting everything ready for planting. I’ve got … Continue reading

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