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A Special Edition: 2017 Halloween Countdown-Five Days

Only five days left until Halloween!!! And only three days left until “You’re Never to Old to Trick or Treat” Day. It feels like I’m 7-years-old, waiting for Santa. Except I play Santa. Woohoo. For the second year in a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Western Skunk Cabbage Season

If you’re not familiar with Skunk Cabbage, welcome. They show up in early spring. The pod-like flowers give off enough heat to melt surrounding snow. They love swampy, forest wetlands, and grow wild. While theses flowers look delightful, their delightful … Continue reading

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A Special Edition—Spell of the Yukon

Snow, snow, snow. It’s December and it’s snowing on this blog. For this month only. Move your mouse around this blog and the direction of the snow moves with it. I’m such a kid. I love to play with snow, … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: My Cats’ Love/Hate Relationship with Owner Paparazzi

One of my good friend’s presented me with the most delicious of gifts. An inflatable unicorn horn for the betterment of my feline friends. A tear or two might have been shed when it was presented. “Could I suffer any … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: Catitude—This is How I Roll. Meow.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. Clouds and rain, the sky’s fashionistas. Those of us who live here supply our own blue skies—in the form of blue tarps. And we bring our own sunshine, whether in the clothes we wear … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: Snow Falling on Our Cedars

Happy New Year everyone! My friend Dave over at the BoFN wrote a post about Zig Ziglar this week. It was the shortest post I’ve read in a long time. Inspired by its brevity, inspired by its clarity, inspired by … Continue reading

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A Special Edition—Calgon Take Me Away

Let the cheating continue. Last week I mentioned that my work life entered the consuming phase of the season. Eating my spare time, leaving little time for blogging. Making this week’s post either a dessert like chocolate mousse with hand-whipped … Continue reading

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