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When Your Favorite Mountain is Having a Bad Hair Day or Is It?

My mother-in-law owned a large troll doll collection. The trolls laid siege to the china hutch in her dining room. One of my fondest memories is her combing out their hair. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have … Continue reading

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A Little Weed-Free Spot

Every few years, the weeds in my yard get away from me. The weeds become my white whale and I become Ahab obsessed with their obliteration. So far the weeds are winning. I spend thirty minutes every day attempting to … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: February 20th is only Six Days Away

In my small town we support a YMCA.  Three years ago one of the janitors fed me a gym secret. I’m going to share . . . again.  * * * We’ve all done it, made a resolution. January 1st, … Continue reading

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The New Year is Only a Few Days Away

With the new year only a few days away, I found myself thinking about the end of the Big Bang Theory. Since I don’t watch television but live through my friends, it got me to thinking wouldn’t it be funny … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: Halloween Countdown 2018 6 Days . . .

Only 6 haunting days left until Halloween. The decorations are almost finished. Families new to the neighborhood are finding their way to our graveyard. Word is spreading about  “You’re Never Too Old to Trick or Treat.” Even my beloved aunt … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: The Halloween Countdown 2018 Continues

Only 20 days until Halloween. The decorations are coming to life, figuratively speaking. What graveyard wouldn’t want to host a two-headed, fire-breathing dragon? What about those dewy-eyed moments when your resident witch spends her loot for her new Coach cross-body … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem or Sea Lion Buffet

Sometimes we must seize the moment if not the entire day. An accident forced my better half and I off the interstate one morning. We cut through the town of Steilacoom, Washington, on our way back to the office. A … Continue reading

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