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Forty-One Days Left Until Halloween

The Cranium household is counting down the days until Halloween, one of our favorite holidays. I was looking at some of last year’s decorations and noticed the quizzical look on the alien mummy’s face. Which makes me wonder what on … Continue reading

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Mount Rainier is a Little Naked This Year

My better half and I ventured up to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State during the Labor Day holiday. We were surprised to see so much bare rock. The mountain must be working on the last of it’s summer … Continue reading

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77 Days Until Halloween

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you have caught on I am a Halloween fan. And my favorite Halloween retailers know it. The advertisements started arriving in July!?! A full month earlier than previous years. The … Continue reading

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Traffic Tickets Gone . . .

My husband and I were returning to the office after a sales call. A car passed us on the freeway. The driver held her cell phone in her right hand six-ish inches from her face. Her car advertising something she … Continue reading

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When Your Twin Cats Share the Same Space

Meet Ax and Dently, named for accidentally. Somehow these two brothers managed to squeeze themselves onto the top of a small cat tree made with seating for one—on purpose. Sharing the same space since before birth. Inspiration to squeeze in … Continue reading

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When Your Favorite Mountain is Having a Bad Hair Day or Is It?

My mother-in-law owned a large troll doll collection. The trolls laid siege to the china hutch in her dining room. One of my fondest memories is her combing out their hair. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have … Continue reading

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A Little Weed-Free Spot

Every few years, the weeds in my yard get away from me. The weeds become my white whale and I become Ahab obsessed with their obliteration. So far the weeds are winning. I spend thirty minutes every day attempting to … Continue reading

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