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In the Still of Predawn

For days wind, rain, hail, thunder and lightening cleared the air and soaked the parched earth. In the still of predawn the clouds parted. The lapping water rippled its mirror surface. Salt water scented the chilly air, air cold enough … Continue reading

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With Summer in our Sights, A Look Back at Early Spring

Summer officially begins in the northern hemisphere in only two weeks. Since we had such a late and wonky winter, it makes me appreciate the stark contrast of the snow melt off in western Montana in early May. May the … Continue reading

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Sunset in Spokane, Washington

Separation makes the heart grow fonder. Poppy cock. Unless that someone is my better half who sent me these photos so we could share it together. Sigh. It snowed last week and he was caught in a blizzard. Snoqualmie Pass … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: February 20th is only Five Days Away

In my small town we support a YMCA.  Three years ago one of the janitors fed me a gym secret. I’m going to share . . . again.  * * * We’ve all done it, made a resolution. January 1st, … Continue reading

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A Harbor in Winter

Snow falls so rarely in our area that one inch will shut the region down. At four inches, people abandon their cars on the interstate and trudge home. On this day our small town boasted our small harbor dusted in … Continue reading

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The Moth

With winter tightening it’s grip here in the United States, I stumbled across a photo I took last summer of a moth taking refuge on my window screen during the raging fire season. It stayed until the smoke cleared then … Continue reading

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No New Year’s Resolutions Here

Greeting’s All! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. During the holidays, my better half and I stumbled across this gem of a seasonal decoration. After speaking with their neighbors it turns out to be an excellent likeness of … Continue reading

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