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In Keeping with the Peculiar Theme this Week

I traveled to Finland last year. Part of that trip included a tour of their Parliament building in Helsinki. When we arrived for the tour, we discovered the building under wraps getting a facelift for their upcoming Centennial celebration. The … Continue reading

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Have you been to Hell’s Gate?

“Fannie, why do you smell of sulfur?” Bunny asked with her refined Texas accent as we walked toward the pool. “It’s not me, it’s my bathing suit.” “Okay, I’ll bite, why does your bathing suit smell like sulfur?” “Because I … Continue reading

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Strength versus Chocolate

“Ladies it’s good to see you again. What did you bring with you this time?” I asked as Bunny and Clarissa entered the house. “I found a local coffee roaster over on 6th Avenue and thought we’d give their French … Continue reading

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