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The Perfect Box

What is it about cats and boxes? I cannot open a box without finding one of my feline friends ready to inspect its contents. Apparently this box was deemed suitable for a nap. Until next week. Ciao, Fannie Advertisements

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The New Year is Only a Few Days Away

Back in November I quietly crossed a blogging milestone. If it wasn’t for my cat nosing my monitor to chase the mouse pointer, I wouldn’t have noticed yet. Sigh. So in celebration of my 400th post last month, let’s hear … Continue reading

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If Cinderella Needed a Ball Gown for the Holidays. Forget the Pumpkin, Go Cedar

Buried deep within the Festival of Trees in Tacoma, Washington, a gown to go with Cinderella’s glass slippers for the Holiday Ball. This elegant re-imagination of a Christmas tree sent my imagination down a dark back road to Oz. Cinderella … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: Catitude—This is How I Roll. Meow.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. Clouds and rain, the sky’s fashionistas. Those of us who live here supply our own blue skies—in the form of blue tarps. And we bring our own sunshine, whether in the clothes we wear … Continue reading

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Pill Pockets for Your Pain (A Short Story)

Monday morning Richard and I leapt out of bed. Hyperactive blood pumping through my veins. The brass bell’s ring faded away. The room, pitch black. Richard clicked the lamp on his night stand. No light. After a few moments, and … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: A Labor of Love

Last week I mentioned we signed numerous “Holiday” cards. This is what it looks like after you label about half of those numerous cards. We figured based on the number of felines in the photo, we must have labeled around … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles

“Richard, if you’ll help me carry this cat litter up the stairs to my apartment, I’ll fix you dinner and we’ll blow bubbles on the balcony for dessert,” I said smiling and pointing to one of the two thirty gallon … Continue reading

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