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There is a common saying in Western Washington (U.S. state not Capital), summer doesn’t arrive until July 5th. We refer to June as June-uary. A moment in a long ago January when winter arrived with a sugary blanket, coating a … Continue reading

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The Sun Kisses the Clouds Goodnight

A summer evening drive with my husband. We park on the shore of a lake unknown. The sun dips below the Olympic Mountains. A breeze stirs the lake moving the bugs away. The warm air cooling. Twilight approaches. Hints of cedar … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: Crows in Helsinki

December nights fall early in Finland. The morning sun rises late with a yawn. During the daylight hours in between, colorful crows and juvenile gulls forage and fawn. The crows dressed in tux and tails for a Christmas dinner with … Continue reading

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A Special Edition: Food

The sense of smell is a power stimulus. We remember up to 10,000 separate smells, each triggering a specific memory. What if food cooked in the oven and perfumed your home. What would it be? Would you love the smell … Continue reading

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