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All In The Family

One hour after sunrise on Sunday morning, my better half asked me on a coffee date. We’d had a huge storm the night before. Sixty mile-per-hour winds, fallen trees, spotty power outages, flashing traffic lights and power lines draping across … Continue reading

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Raccoons 2, Craniums 1

Scattered clouds dotted the sky over the Pacific Ocean. The sun warmed a cool breeze, which blew in from the water over the trees it sculpted. The Love Wagon, a red Ford F150, headed south on Highway 101 on Oregon’s … Continue reading

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Building A Better Cat Trap

“Fannie,” said Uncle Carl over the telephone, “how’s your trip?” “The trip’s going fine. It hasn’t even rain on us,” I said leaning back against the picnic table. “How’re the cats doing?” “They’re fine. Although Wicket’s been hiding for the … Continue reading

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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Chicken Sexer?

The predawn sky turned an inky purple over the Cascade Mountains. Fading stars made way for the approaching sun. Remnants of summer heat radiated from the driveway. A bird called from a nearby tree. The rest of the neighborhood slumbered. … Continue reading

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