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Sydney Opera House

A lesser seen angle of the Syndey Opera House on a beautiful spring day. I marvel at the engineering and design of a roof that is self-cleaning every time it rains.   Save Save Advertisements

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Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan. The golden-bronze phoenix on the roof taking flight in the crisp morning air. When I look at this building I’m transported back to feudal Japan during the reign of the samurai. A fanatical monk set … Continue reading

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Nature In Action

While driving down a side street in our small town, I stumbled upon this fawn family. I was so excited they didn’t move when I stopped to take their picture, my hands shook, just a little. Save Save

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A Kodiak’s Sorrow

I looked into his eyes—sorrow. Seventy-one degrees Fahrenheit cooked the Kodiak’s fur designed for surviving cruel Alaskan winters. An open sunny field with an electric fence blocking any escape into the shade. Learned helplessness. Three feet separated us, but his … Continue reading

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Fate or Magic.

The air crisp. The sun rising. A tinge of rotten eggs carried on the breeze. Buffalo wandered the woods, valleys, hills and plains of Yellowstone. Lone black bears grazed the grassy knolls. Herds of Elk walked through the wooded banks … Continue reading

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The Sun Kisses the Clouds Goodnight

A summer evening drive with my husband. We park on the shore of a lake unknown. The sun dips below the Olympic Mountains. A breeze stirs the lake moving the bugs away. The warm air cooling. Twilight approaches. Hints of cedar … Continue reading

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The Winter of ’07 Kicks the Spring of ’17

Our spring weather is still hanging out with the lion. Cool, windy, dark, rainy, with a few tantalizing sun breaks. After combing through old photo albums, I reconnected with these photos and counted this year’s spring lion in the blessing … Continue reading

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