A Special Edition: 2017 Halloween Countdown Continues

You guys this is the coolest thing to ever happen to us. Two ladies from a local assisted living facility walk by our place once a week. They asked if they could bring a van load of residents over to look at our decorations. Who would say no to that?

Over the last several days, we’ve reached out to several of the other local facilities in the area. The activities coordinators sent out sign-up sheets and we’re going to have a “You’re Never Too Old to Trick or Treat” Day.

I. Can’t. Wait.

And neither can Mr. Stay Puft!

Even Mr. Stay Puft has turned a new leaf. Part of his 12 Step Process. Hugs for everyone.

Will they dare play Hangman with the rats?

Would you challenge a skeletal rat in a game of Hangman?

Or is Viagra just too saucy for a tombstone?

What more needs to be said?

Only 12 days to Halloween.

Next week, there will be a special guest blogger joining us. Author, Angela Ackerman, of Writers Helping Writers, co-author of the new Emotional Wounds Thesaurus for fiction writers, will be here celebrating the launch of her book. There will even be prizes available.

If you are curious about emotional wounds for your characters, here’s the link.

Until next week!














About Fannie Cranium

Writing since she could first hold a pen, Tracy Perkins formed her alter ego, "Fannie Cranium" at the suggestion of her husband. Tracy understands smiling makes people wonder what she’s been up to.
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6 Responses to A Special Edition: 2017 Halloween Countdown Continues

  1. That’s so cool–you will have to post pictures. I love the idea of these folks being able to trick or treat again–OMG, so awesome! See you next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aplscruf says:

    Oh, T!! That is SO cool! They’re bringin’ ’em by the vanloads! And, yes, I did laugh out loud at 6 am at The Fifth Hour…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Diane Perkins says:

    Looks Great! Next thing you’ll know, you will be a location for field trips!! Hello Kiddies and Seniors..


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